General information

The First Adolf and Michael Gottlieb International Piano Ensemble Competition is organized by the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music and runs under the auspices of the Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation. The competition is held November 13-16, 2014.



The competition is open to young musicians, students of secondary and higher educational institutions, who proved themselves in the piano duet category, their being divided into the following age groups.

Junior age group:  age 15 to 18
Senior age group:  age 19 to 27

In both age groups one ensemble member can be a year younger/older. In this case the ensemble joins the age group of the oldest member.

Participants are to pay 5000 roubles application fee per ensemble during a registration.

Transportation, accommodation and catering costs are  to be  paid by sending organization or at the expense of a participant.  Members  of  Junior age group can be accommodated  free  of  charge  in  the  Gnesins  hall  of  residence.



Competition lasts 4 days, November 13-16, 2014.
November, 13 - arrival and accommodation of competition and jury members.

4pm -  registration of participants;  
6pm – the opening ceremony of the competition at the Music      

Salon in Shuvalova’s house. 

Live  auditions  (the Music Salon in Shuvalova’s house):

  • November, 14 - 10am-2pm  and  3pm-6pm
  • November, 15 - 10am-2pm  and  3pm-6pm
  • November, 16 - 10am-2pm  and  3pm-6pm
  • November, 16, at 7pm – Winners’Concert at the Gnesins Concert Hall

The winners play for free at the concert. All rights for audio and video recording at the competition and final concert, as well as broadcasting of the competition events belong to the Organizing Committee.


Repertory requirements

Live auditions are held in two stages.
A programme is selected by contestants and is to include  among other compositions  a work by W. Mozart  or F. Schubert in the first round and a work by a Russian composer in  the second round.

Performance duration  of  each round:

  • 15 minutes for Junior age group;
  • 25 minutes for Senior age group.

Gottliebs’ adaptations in competitors’ repertory are welcomed, the best performing musicians becoming special prize winners.

The programme may include separate movements of large cyclic forms.
Piano works for four hands may be included to the programme.
Music does not have to be memorized for performances.
Works submitted for the 1st round can not be played in the 2nd round.



Famous performing musicians and interpreters, recognized piano ensemble performers from Russia and abroad are invited as Jury members.

Under the Jury’s decision the Chairman is entitled to stop an ensemble’s performance or to ask to proceed to the next number on the programme.

Decisions of the Jury are final and not subject to revision.



In both age categories:

  • the 1st award, titles of laureates and prize money;
  • the   2nd  award, titles of laureates and  prize money;      
  • the  3d  award, titles of laureates and prize money.

The Jury has a right to share awards between ensembles, not to award all prizes, as well as to give titles of a diploma winner. Additional prizes  can  be  established  by sponsors.

The Organizing Committee takes responsibilities for organizing musical tours of  winners in Russian cities.


Application requirements

Competition candidates are required to send the following documents to the Organizing Committee:

  • a  letter of recommendation signed and stamped  by  a  secondary  or  higher education  institute, mentioning  a programme  and  form of  education or references for ensemble  signed  by a well-known musician;
  • a filled in application attached with a complete programme for each round and performance duration;
  • passport photocopies;
  • colour photo of ensemble in  JPEG format with a resolution of  200-300 dpi.


Entry deadline for the competition is September  15, 2014.

E-mail documents are valid.

Foreign participants requiring visa support need to send the following information not  later than August  15, 2014 :

  • name, surname 
  • place  of birth,
  • date of birth,
  • home address,
  • international passport number,
  • passport  issue date,
  • passport expiry  date,
  • place of work (study),
  • occupation,
  • the city where you will apply for a visa,
  • period of stay in Russia,
  • a clearly legible copy of the first page of your international passport  (photo- or electronic copy).


Organising Committee address